Al-Mustafa Academy Elementary School

Al-Mustafa Academy is proud to announce that we are offering a Private Elementary School.

Vision statement

Rooted in the Islamic value system, Al-Mustafa School seeks to support and enhance strong Muslim identity formation on the basis of the guidance of the Holy Qurʾān and the teachings of the Messenger of Mercy Muḥammad al-Muṣṭafā (Ṣ) and his Immaculate Progeny (AS).


Educational philosophy

Al-Mustafa School seeks to serve by providing a God-centered enabling and elevating educational experience for children which:

  • Values Unity-Sincerity towards our Creator, Reverence-Respect for the Sacred, Consciousness-Awareness of our intentions and actions, Care-Compassion for creation, Honour-Esteem in cherishing and valuing self and others.
  • Seeks Holistic growth – by focusing on the individual in the context of society and creation
  • Teaches and nurtures by informing the mind, inspiring the heart and elevating the soul
  • Transcends time and space – learning that is not limited to the classroom or school years
  • Focuses on the Future of the child – the temporal and the Eternal


Standing on the foundations of authentic learning needs and the natural tendencies of children, Al-Mustafa School endeavours to provide a holistic framework for the development of the child as a whole.

In this regard, the School seeks to excel in providing an academically enriching and morally-emotionally-spiritually supported learning system that will ground the students as God-conscious, creation caring, compassionate and coherent individuals who seek to excel personally and serve humanity on the path towards betterment in all arenas of progress.

Our students will be part of a larger learning community including parents, teachers, staff and community members who seek to be life-long learners themselves and assist in sparking the intuitive yearning for knowledge and spiritual elevation in others.